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Limnos vineyard and wines.



Η θύμισες: Το Λημνιό παλαιωμένο, το ξηρό Μοσχάτο Αλεξανδρείας ωριμασμένο σε βαρέλι και το γλυκό Μοσχάτο Αλεξανδρείας. Είναι η βραβευμένη σειρά οίνων μας από προσεκτικά επιλεγμένα σταφύλια.

Thimises: the aged Limno, the dry Muscat of Alexandria aged in barrels, and the sweet Muscat of Alexandria. It is our awarded series of wines from carefully picked grapes.

About Limnos Vineyard

Limnos wine, originating from the Greek island of Limnos (also spelled Lemnos), is known for its unique qualities and has garnered a positive reputation among wine enthusiasts. The island’s volcanic soil, climate, and grape varieties contribute to the distinctive character of its wines.
Key Points about Limnos Wine:


Grape Varieties:
Muscat of Alexandria: The most famous and widely planted grape on Limnos, known for producing aromatic and sweet wines with floral and fruity notes.
Limnio: An ancient Greek red grape variety, producing wines with a rich, robust flavor and good acidity.

Wine Types:
Sweet Wines: Limnos is particularly renowned for its sweet Muscat wines, which are often characterized by their intense aromas of flowers and tropical fruits, balanced sweetness, and vibrant acidity.
Dry Wines: The island also produces dry white and red wines. Dry Muscat wines are aromatic and fresh, while dry reds made from Limnio and other varieties tend to be full-bodied with good structure.

Quality and Recognition:
Limnos wines have received various accolades and are recognized in international competitions.
The unique terroir and traditional winemaking methods contribute to the high quality and distinctiveness of these wines.

Pairing and Enjoyment:
Sweet Muscat: Often enjoyed as a dessert wine, pairs well with fruit-based desserts, cheese, and even spicy dishes.
Dry Whites and Reds: Versatile with food pairings, complementing seafood, poultry, and Mediterranean cuisine.


Overall Assessment:

Limnos wines are generally well-regarded for their quality, uniqueness, and the tradition behind their production. The sweet Muscat wines, in particular, are celebrated for their aromatic complexity and balance. If you enjoy aromatic wines with a rich history, Limnos wines are certainly worth exploring.


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